Source code for aiidalab.config

"""Module to manage AiiDAlab configuration."""
from os import getenv
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, Optional

import click
import toml

CONFIG_PATH = Path.home() / "aiidalab.toml"
_CONFIG = toml.loads(CONFIG_PATH.read_text()) if CONFIG_PATH.is_file() else dict()
_DEVELOP_MODE = _CONFIG.get("develop", False)

if _DEVELOP_MODE:  # Warn developer that the mode is enabled.
    lines = [f"Executing '{__name__.split('.')[0]}' in DEVELOP mode."]
    config_ = {k: v for k, v in _CONFIG.items() if k != "develop"}
    if config_:  # The config does not only contain the 'develop' key.
        lines.append(f"{CONFIG_PATH!s} (takes precedence):")
    click.secho("\n".join([f"\U0001F6A7  {line}" for line in lines]), fg="yellow")

[docs]def _as_env_var_name(key: str) -> str: return "AIIDALAB_" + key.upper()
[docs]def _get_config_value(key: str, default: Optional[str] = None) -> Any: """Return config value from configuration source. The standard configuration source order is: 1. environment variables 2. local configuration In 'develop' mode the order is reversed to simplify local override of configuration values. The convention for environment variables it to prefix keys with `AIIDALAB_` and to convert all letters to uppercase. For example, the configuration key `registry` is interpreted as `AIIDALAB_REGISTRY` when sourced as an environment variable. """ if _DEVELOP_MODE: try: return _CONFIG[key] except KeyError: return getenv(_as_env_var_name(key), default) return getenv(_as_env_var_name(key), _CONFIG.get(key, default))
AIIDALAB_HOME = _get_config_value("home", "/project") AIIDALAB_APPS = _get_config_value("apps", "/project/apps") AIIDALAB_SCRIPTS = _get_config_value("scripts", "/opt") AIIDALAB_REGISTRY = _get_config_value( "registry", "" ) AIIDALAB_DEFAULT_GIT_BRANCH = _get_config_value("default_git_branch", "master")