Source code for aiidalab.git_util

"""Utility module for git-managed AiiDAlab apps."""

# This future import turns on postponed evaluation of annotations, per PEP 563.
# This is needed for two reasons:
# 1. Using the new Union syntax (type1 | type2) with Python < 3.10
# 2. Instead of using the Self type when returning an instance of the class,
#    which is only available since 3.11, we can use the class directly,
#    because the annotation evaluation is deffered (as per PEP) See:
# For the 2., we could instead import Self from type_extensions, see:
from __future__ import annotations

import locale
import os
import re
from dataclasses import dataclass
from enum import Enum
from pathlib import Path
from subprocess import CalledProcessError, run
from typing import Any, Generator
from urllib.parse import urldefrag

from dulwich.porcelain import branch_list, status
from dulwich.repo import Repo

[docs]class BranchTrackingStatus(Enum): """Descripe the tracking status of a branch.""" BEHIND = -1 EQUAL = 0 AHEAD = 1 DIVERGED = 2
[docs]class GitManagedAppRepo(Repo): # type: ignore """Utility class to simplify management of git-based apps."""
[docs] def list_branches(self) -> Any: """List all repository branches.""" return branch_list(self)
[docs] def branch(self) -> bytes: """Return the current branch. Raises RuntimeError if the repository is in a detached HEAD state. """ branches = self._get_branch_for_ref(b"HEAD") if branches: return branches[0] raise RuntimeError("In detached HEAD state.")
[docs] def get_tracked_branch(self, branch: bytes | None = None) -> Any: """Return the tracked branch for a given branch or None if the branch is not tracking.""" if branch is None: branch = self.branch() cfg = self.get_config() try: remote = cfg[(b"branch", branch)][b"remote"] merge = cfg[(b"branch", branch)][b"merge"] except KeyError: return None else: pattern = rb"refs\/heads" remote_ref = b"refs/remotes/" + remote + re.sub(pattern, b"", merge) return remote_ref
[docs] def dirty(self) -> bool: """Check if there are likely local user modifications to the app repository.""" status_ = status(self) return bool(any(bool(_) for _ in status_.staged.values()) or status_.unstaged)
[docs] def update_available(self) -> bool: """Check whether there non-pulled commits on the tracked branch.""" return ( self.get_branch_tracking_status(self.branch()) is BranchTrackingStatus.BEHIND )
[docs] def get_branch_tracking_status(self, branch: bytes) -> BranchTrackingStatus | None: """Return the tracking status of branch.""" tracked_branch = self.get_tracked_branch(branch) if tracked_branch: ref = b"refs/heads/" + branch # Check if local branch points to same commit as tracked branch: if self.refs[ref] == self.refs[tracked_branch]: return BranchTrackingStatus.EQUAL # Check if local branch is behind the tracked branch: for commit in self.get_walker(self.refs[tracked_branch]): if == self.refs[ref]: return BranchTrackingStatus.BEHIND # Check if local branch is ahead of tracked branch: for commit in self.get_walker(self.refs[ref]): if == self.refs[tracked_branch]: return BranchTrackingStatus.AHEAD return BranchTrackingStatus.DIVERGED return None
[docs] def _get_branch_for_ref(self, ref: bytes) -> list[bytes]: """Get the branch name for a given reference.""" pattern = rb"refs\/heads\/" return [ re.sub(pattern, b"", ref) for ref in self.refs.follow(ref)[0] if re.match(pattern, ref) ]
[docs]def git_clone(url, commit, path: Path): # type: ignore try: run( ["git", "clone", str(url), str(path)], capture_output=True, encoding="utf-8", check=True, ) if commit is not None: run( ["git", "checkout", str(commit)], capture_output=True, encoding="utf-8", check=True, cwd=str(path), ) except CalledProcessError as error: raise RuntimeError(error.stderr)
[docs]@dataclass class GitPath(os.PathLike): # type: ignore """Utility class to operate on git objects like path objects.""" repo: Path commit: str path: Path = Path(".")
[docs] def __fspath__(self) -> str: return str(Path(self.repo).joinpath(self.path))
[docs] def joinpath(self, *other: str) -> GitPath: return type(self)( repo=self.repo, path=self.path.joinpath(*other), commit=self.commit )
[docs] def resolve(self, strict: bool = False) -> GitPath: return type(self)( repo=self.repo, path=Path(self.repo) .joinpath(self.path) .resolve(strict=strict) .relative_to(Path(self.repo).resolve()), commit=self.commit, )
[docs] def _get_type(self) -> str | None: # Git expects that a current directory path ("." or "./") is # represented with a trailing slash for this function. path = "./" if self.path == Path() else self.path try: return ( run( ["git", "cat-file", "-t", f"{self.commit}:{path}"], cwd=self.repo, check=True, capture_output=True, ) .stdout.decode(errors="ignore") .strip() ) except CalledProcessError as error: if error.returncode == 128: return None raise
[docs] def is_file(self) -> bool: return self._get_type() == "blob"
[docs] def is_dir(self) -> bool: return self._get_type() == "tree"
[docs] def read_bytes(self) -> bytes: try: return run( ["git", "show", f"{self.commit}:{self.path}"], cwd=os.fspath(self.repo), check=True, capture_output=True, ).stdout except CalledProcessError as error: error_message = error.stderr.decode(errors="ignore").strip() if re.match( f"fatal: Path '{re.escape(str(self.path))}' (exists on disk, but not in|does not exist)", error_message, flags=re.IGNORECASE, ): raise FileNotFoundError(f"{self.commit}:{self.path}") elif re.match( "fatal: Invalid object name", error_message, flags=re.IGNORECASE ): raise ValueError(f"Unknown commit: {self.commit}") else: raise # unexpected error
[docs] def read_text(self, encoding: str | None = None, errors: str | None = None) -> str: if encoding is None: encoding = locale.getpreferredencoding(False) if errors is None: errors = "strict" return self.read_bytes().decode(encoding=encoding, errors=errors)
[docs]class GitRepo(Repo): # type: ignore
[docs] def get_current_branch(self) -> str | None: try: branch = run( ["git", "branch", "--show-current"], cwd=Path(self.path), check=True, capture_output=True, encoding="utf-8", ).stdout except CalledProcessError as error: if error.returncode == 129: raise RuntimeError("This function equires at least git version 2.22.") raise if not branch: raise RuntimeError( "Unable to determine current branch name, likely in detached HEAD state." ) return branch.strip()
[docs] def get_commit_for_tag(self, tag: str) -> Any: return self.get_peeled(f"refs/tags/{tag}".encode()).decode()
[docs] def get_merged_tags(self, branch: str) -> Generator[str, None, None]: for branch_ref in [f"refs/heads/{branch}", f"refs/remotes/origin/{branch}"]: if branch_ref.encode() in self.refs: yield from run( ["git", "tag", "--merged", branch_ref], cwd=self.path, check=True, capture_output=True, encoding="utf-8", ).stdout.splitlines() break else: raise ValueError(f"Not a branch: {branch}")
[docs] def rev_list(self, rev_selection: str) -> list[str]: return run( ["git", "rev-list", rev_selection], cwd=self.path, check=True, encoding="utf-8", capture_output=True, ).stdout.splitlines()
[docs] def ref_from_rev(self, rev: str) -> str: """Determine ref from rev. Returns branch reference if a branch with that name exists, otherwise a tag reference, otherwise the rev itself (assuming it is a commit id). """ if f"refs/heads/{rev}".encode() in self.refs: return f"refs/heads/{rev}" elif f"refs/remotes/origin/{rev}".encode() in self.refs: return f"refs/remotes/origin/{rev}" elif f"refs/tags/{rev}".encode() in self.refs: return f"refs/tags/{rev}" else: return rev
[docs] @classmethod def clone_from_url(cls, url: str, path: str) -> GitRepo: run( ["git", "clone", urldefrag(url).url, path], cwd=Path(path).parent, check=True, capture_output=True, ) return GitRepo(path)