Source code for aiidalab.metadata

"""App metadata specification"""

from __future__ import annotations

from configparser import ConfigParser
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Generator

    from configparser import SectionProxy

    from .git_util import GitPath

__all__ = [

def _map_development_state(classifiers: str | list[str]) -> str:
    "Map standard trove classifiers (PEP 301) to aiidalab development states."
    if "Development Status :: 1 - Planning" in classifiers:
        return "registered"
    elif "Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable" in classifiers:
        return "stable"
    elif any(
        classifier in classifiers
        for classifier in (
            "Development Status :: 2 - Pre-Alpha",
            "Development Status :: 3 - Alpha",
            "Development Status :: 4 - Beta",
        return "development"
        return "registered"

def _parse_config_dict(dict_: str) -> Generator[tuple[str, str], None, None]:
    "Parse a config dict string for key-values pairs."
    for line in dict_.splitlines():
        if line:
            key, value = line.split("=")
            yield key.strip(), value.strip()

def _parse_setup_cfg(
    setup_cfg: str,
) -> Generator[tuple[str, str | list[str]], None, None]:
    "Parse a setup.cfg configuration file string for metadata."
    cfg = ConfigParser()

    metadata_pep426: SectionProxy | dict[Any, Any] = (
        cfg["metadata"] if "metadata" in cfg else {}
    aiidalab: SectionProxy | dict[Any, Any] = (
        cfg["aiidalab"] if "aiidalab" in cfg else {}

    yield "title", aiidalab.get("title", metadata_pep426.get("name"))
    yield "version", aiidalab.get("version", metadata_pep426.get("version"))
    yield "description", aiidalab.get("description", metadata_pep426.get("description"))
    yield "authors", aiidalab.get("authors", metadata_pep426.get("author"))
    yield "external_url", aiidalab.get("external_url", metadata_pep426.get("url"))

    project_urls = dict(_parse_config_dict(metadata_pep426.get("project_urls", "")))
    yield (
            project_urls.get("Documentation") or project_urls.get("documentation"),
    yield (
        aiidalab.get("logo", project_urls.get("Logo") or project_urls.get("logo")),
    yield (
            "state", _map_development_state(metadata_pep426.get("classifiers", ""))

    # Allow passing single category and convert to list
    # and allow parse line separated string as list
    categories = aiidalab.get("categories", "")
    if isinstance(categories, str):
        categories = [c for c in categories.split("\n") if c]
    yield "categories", categories

[docs]@dataclass class Metadata: """App metadata specification.""" title: str description: str authors: None | str = None state: None | str = None documentation_url: None | str = None external_url: None | str = None logo: None | str = None categories: list[str] = field(default_factory=list) version: None | str = None _search_dirs = (".aiidalab", "./")
[docs] @staticmethod def _parse(path: Path | GitPath) -> dict[str, Any]: try: return { key: value for key, value in _parse_setup_cfg( path.joinpath("setup.cfg").read_text() ) if value is not None } except FileNotFoundError: return {}
[docs] @classmethod def parse(cls, root: Path | GitPath) -> Metadata: """Parse the app metadata from a setup.cfg within the app repository. This function will parse metadata fields from a possible "aiidalab" section, but falls back to the standard fields defined as part of the PEP 426-compliant metadata section for any missing values. """ for path in (root.joinpath(dir_) for dir_ in cls._search_dirs): if path.is_dir(): return cls(**dict(cls._parse(path))) raise ValueError(f"Directory '{root}' does not exist.")