Source code for aiidalab.registry.apps_index

"""Generate the apps index including all aggregated metadata."""
import logging
from collections import OrderedDict
from copy import deepcopy
from dataclasses import asdict

import jsonschema
from packaging.version import parse

from . import util
from .releases import gather_releases

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def _determine_app_name(app_id): """Currently the app name is identical to its id.""" assert util.get_html_app_fname(app_id) == f"{app_id}.html" return app_id
[docs]def _migrate_app_data(app_data): if "metadata" in app_data: # Set defaults app_data["metadata"].setdefault("categories", app_data.pop("categories", [])) app_data["metadata"].setdefault("logo", app_data.pop("logo", None)) # Remove deprecated keys from app metadata. for key in ( "requires", "version", ): if key in app_data["metadata"]: del app_data["metadata"][key]
[docs]def _fetch_app_data(app_id, app_data, scan_app_repository): # Gather all release data. _migrate_app_data(app_data) app_data["name"] = _determine_app_name(app_id) app_data["releases"] = { version: asdict(release) for version, release in gather_releases(app_data, scan_app_repository) } if len(app_data["releases"]): # Sort all releases semantically to determine the latest version. latest_version = sorted(app_data["releases"], key=parse, reverse=True)[0] # The metadata of the latest release is considered authoritative for the whole app. app_data["metadata"] = app_data["releases"][latest_version]["metadata"] return app_data
[docs]def generate_apps_index(data, scan_app_repository): """Generate the comprehensive app index. This index is built from the apps data and includes additional information such as the releases. """ apps_data = OrderedDict() index = { "apps": OrderedDict(), "categories": data.categories, }"Fetching app data...") for app_id in sorted(data.apps.keys()):" - {app_id}") app_data = _fetch_app_data( app_id, deepcopy(data.apps[app_id]), scan_app_repository ) if app_data is not None: # would be None if the app had no release yet. apps_data[app_id] = app_data index["apps"][app_id] = { "name": app_data["name"], "categories": app_data["metadata"].get("categories", []), } return index, apps_data
[docs]def validate_apps_index_and_apps(apps_index, apps_index_schema, apps, app_schema): """Validate the apps_index file.""" # Validate apps index against schema jsonschema.validate(instance=apps_index, schema=apps_index_schema) # Validate index categories for apps_index_entry in apps_index["apps"].values(): for category in apps_index_entry["categories"]: assert category in apps_index["categories"] # Validate all apps for app in apps: jsonschema.validate(instance=app, schema=app_schema)